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This post isn’t actually about the traditional idea of using found objects. But my sister was chuckling yesterday when we were on FaceTime. I was in my studio sort of cleaning as we talked, and I picked up a baggie from my table and said, “Oh look!” as if it were a long lost item. Well, other beaders know much of our stash can feel that way when we “discover” it while cleaning.

I had an idea of a pendant to use with some gorgeous faceted mother-of-pearl beads I got. While looking for it, I saw a rabbit pendant I got years ago from Hidden Ridge Studio. I thought the rabbit would look good with some of the mother-of-pearl and the background color of the pendant would look great with some mixed tourmaline coin beads from Dakota Stones I had on my table. Finding this perfect match prompted the post title!

Necklace with bunny pendant, multicolor tourmaline beads, mother-of-pearl beads and a purple glass toggle clasp.

The tourmaline came strung banded, and I separated each color section with a couple of MOP beads. I added a lampwork and silver clasp from Earthshine Beads. This is a really fun necklace with a definite Spring vibe. I’m so looking forward to warmer weather. I hope I see bunnies hopping around enjoying it.