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I have three pieces in a charity auction right now to benefit Beads of Courage, an organization that brings arts-in-medicine programs to children with serious illness. These pieces are the collaborations with Brenda Schweder I wrote about in an earlier blog post. That auction is through the end of the day on Monday 4/12/21, so check that out. There are 70 amazing jewelry pieces (and some ornaments) by 30 artists. Here are my three.

Three necklaces - one with an old coin and mixed chain, one with a silver goat pendant and mixed metal charms with a variety of colorful beads, and one with brass chain, a brass "grate" piece, orange gems dangles and an orange and yellow botanical ceramic pendant.

Then, in a week, there is an Artists for Animals Auction. It goes April 19 – 25, 2021. Funds raised from my item sales will be donated to the Madison Cat Project. I won’t be the only person selling. There are always a lot of people selling a variety of handmade items. I’m going to show a few things I’ve made for that. This first one is a favorite.

Necklace with mixed glass beads and a dog and bone pewter clasp.

I knotted a variety of glass beads on waxed linen with the cutest pewter clasp. (I have the clasp artist written down somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.) The toggle is a dog and the bar is a bone that says “arf.” I love it! It can be worn with the clasp at the back or, my favorite way, with the clasp at the side so it shows!

I made a variety of earrings.

Four pair of earrings (two pictures of the first one in upper left) that are plastic and colorful tin, then clockwise to ceramic sun charms with large white beads, pink squares with lucite green leaf and pink ladybug dangles, and beaded pearl beads, white chain and lavender crystals.

I have a necklace that I showed on the blog recently. I think it turned out really well.

Necklace with chain and jasper beads, a large floral textured metal round with polymer shards in front.

I love that metal piece as the backdrop for Kimberly Rogers‘ polymer shards.

I also have a beautiful cat vessel with knotted beads. I think this turned out beautifully as well.

Necklace with mixed glass beads and a sleeping cat vessel pendant.

I have a really beautiful necklace I made for an earlier auction, but didn’t feel I could get a great picture of it, so I didn’t include it. I just love it, though, so I’m going to offer it up. I always admired the jewelry that the character Phoebe wore on the show “Friends.” This is a “y” necklace that reminds me of some of her pieces. It has little claret colored glass rosary chain with a bronze heart pendant by Andrew Thornton. I think it would look so good with a low v-neck (if you need me to style it for you – ha!)

Y shaped necklace with dark red rosary chain and a bronze pendant with a heart design.

I often look through past issues of jewelry magazines. Different project appeal to me at different times. I made two pair of earrings based on a project by Mary Jane Dodd in Belle Armoire Jewelry.

Two pair of earrings. One the left some with blue fabric wrapped with gold wire and blue stone dangles. On the right, light green fabric wrapped with magenta wire and dark purple round stone dangles.

I used fancy fibers from Stitch Whimsy Market with amazonite beads and fiber from Allegory Gallery with tourmaline beads. I used really thin wire to wrap them, which was different than the project. I’ll have to try it with thicker wire too. The forms are from a repurposed necklace. I have more!

Even if you just want to browse, visit both auctions. It’s always fun to see what people make.