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Candie Cooper and Cynthia Thornton collaborated on a project. Candie designed a beautiful wing and Cynthia carved and cast it in pewter. (It came with a connector that I will use in another design.) I got a beautiful strand of large and lovely lapis cubes from Dakota Stones recently and was looking for a special pendant to use with them and there was the wing!

Necklace with silver colored wing pendant with floral motif. Blue square stones and clear color coated crystals.

I used a clear crystal Candie included with the pewter pieces to make the pendant. I used some vintage half coated crystals as spacers. They have the most wonderful colors. The back of the pendant is beautiful too. It has a tiny heart.

The same necklace with blue squares and clear color coated crystal with the back side of the wing pendant showing.

This is a lovely necklace that feels great on. I love knowing two wonderful artists collaborated on the beautiful pendant.