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I was cleaning my work surface and there was a jasper pendant. I remembered I also had some mookaite beads that I thought would look good with it. I found those, and instant necklace! I wanted to add one other element. I had been ready to put away a box of polymer clay beads by Erin Prais-Hintz when I knocked them to the floor. One had hidden, so it hadn’t gotten put back, and it was also on my table. I thought it worked well with the stones, so I included that.

Necklace with small coin shaped beads in red, brown, tan, yellow and mauve. Gold chain is at the back. One red, black and gold tube bead is on one side. The pendant is red, grey, black with lines going through it.

I knotted it on grey waxed linen and added chain extenders on each side to make it the right length. I got the stone pendant and beads from Allegory Gallery.

I think the necklace is really pretty. I can’t wait until I feel comfortable wearing jewelry out of the house again.