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I’ve written about The Great Bead Extravaganza before. It’s a fun group with all different kinds of presentations, sales and giveaways. They have had three events so far. This weekend is the third. Another is planned for June. It is all online, so you can join from anywhere. Some of my favorite artists are there, and I’ve come to love some new ones I’ve been introduced to. They all have many other outlets – shops, Insta, YouTube, their own Facebook pages and VIP groups. Lots to share!

Today the project that took my fancy was a necklace that Kay from Star’s Beads made. She did it “choose your own adventure” style, where she offered choices and let the majority choose in the comments. She gave some fabulous tips, all about using chain. I really loved the easy, boho necklace she made. She is selling chain bundles and bead cone bundles in her group, Star’s Beads Special Stash Group. She also does lives Monday – Thursday on Facebook, and Friday Night Live in the group. I know where I’ll be on Fridays! The Special Stash group is where you can get the bundles and this Friday she will have some fabulous, large lampwork beads like she used in her GBE necklace project.

I loved the project so much, I just couldn’t wait. I knew I had materials that were close enough to what she used that I could go ahead and make a necklace now. (Though this won’t be my last one.) It’s not unlike things I’ve made before, but she had some excellent tips, and the way she did it allowed me to be a little more free. Sometime I get too worried about little things in design.

Necklace with chain, a large brownish and turquoise patterned lampwork bead, a turquoise beadcone made from a bullet casing and a tassel with different bits of fabric and chain.

This necklace features a beautiful lampwork bead by Genea of Third Eye Gypsys. The patina bead cone is from this shop. As Kay did, I used some bits of fiber and chain in the tassel, bits of chain above and below the bead, one link from a chain for a bail and then chain for the rest of the necklace. I have a dress this looks perfect on. I had to try it on right away!

You can watch the video of Kay and the group making this necklace and join The Great Bead Extravaganza if you want to see all the great stuff there, including videos from previous events.