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I have been thinking about this necklace for years. I didn’t have the right materials until now. Let me tell you a story.

I learned about art beads late in my bead journey. When I learned about Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit, I was thrilled to see her work. I fell in love with her ceramic beads. Please note, she does not make beads any more, but she does create handmade items, so check out her shop. Anyway, I saw her beads, and fell down the rabbit hole (so to speak) of her blog. And I saw the pod. I remember thinking, “I just missed it, and maybe she’ll never make this design again.” Then, a few years later, she did!

Large rustic textured verdigis colored ceramic bead. Large shiny texture rust and olive pod bead.

If you are someone who bought from her, you’ll know that her work just disappeared in seconds. So when I saw the photo of the pods on her blog, I picked out the one I loved, a matte glaze. But I just wanted to make sure I got one, and they are all beautiful. So I bought a shiny glaze when I had the chance. Later the one I love came up, and I got it too! Wow. I was in bead heaven.

So they went in my Round Rabbit hoard, and there they sat. I’ll be honest, every once in a while I get the hoard out and enjoy the beads. Once while I was doing that, I thought how beautiful a pod would look on some large link chain. Simple lines with beautiful materials. I tried matching them with a variety of chain (and I have a lot of chain) but it was never quite right.

Then within the last few years at the Bead & Button Show, there was a competition with multiple designers, and one of the things they were using was the Now That’s a Jig! One of the designers made chain, and I was absolutely in love with it. I wish I could remember who it was or find the video (I watched online; I wasn’t at the show.) I knew that chain would be great for the pod. That’s when I decided to get a Now That’s a Jig! And just about the time I was set to buy one, they went on sabbatical.

So, the pods went back in the box. And then I found the chain. The Whole Bead Show has been having online sales due to the pandemic. I have tried to take advantage of online bead shows and such as much as possible. It’s a great way to support small businesses and a great way to access materials I otherwise couldn’t.

Steel colored large link chain. Links are organic shaped diamonds. Stone used as photo prop.

The chain is plated brass but looks like steel, a look I love. I used steel wire to make the pod into a pendant. I tried to make it look organic to match the chain. When I was ready to clasp it, I thought I had a black iron clasp from Creating Unkamen, but I didn’t. So I decided to make a clasp from steel wire. I had a tutorial from that shop, but haven’t practiced. I might remake one later, but it turned out okay. I’m glad I decided to do that than use an artisan sterling clasp I considered. While beautiful, it was not the look I had in mind.

Steel colored organic large link chain with matte, textured verdigis colored pod bead pendant.

So here is the necklace. I just love it. Waiting for the right materials allowed my vision to come to life.