Candie Cooper has what she calls “party kits” in her etsy shop. They are a surprise and then everyone has a party with Candie’s video to do the project together. I bought a kit called the Antique Lover’s Kit. I didn’t know what was in it, but I’m definitely an antiques lover, so I took a chance. I’ve been pretty spot on when I’ve bought kits from Candie. Maybe that means they are all good!

Rust colored fabric with a necklace on it. Heart pendant with a flower, blue glass beaded chain and a brass S clasp.

This pendant is the result! I followed her design because it was so lovely. This vintage (possibly antique) German glass heart, a blueish crystal, a bell flower and a little blue three-petal crystal bead cap. It also came with a very pretty bail, but when I decided to use this lovely rosary chain, it seemed better to save the bail for another project.

The heart pendant is amazing. It is an intaglio bead with the flower carved into the back. I haven’t read a lot about the technique, but I’m guessing the flower was painted from the back to show through to the front. There is a metallic coating on the back that provides the beautiful multicolor look on the front. It’s really gorgeous and has a nice heft to it.

I love rosary chain, and I thought this shade looked great with the flower. I wanted to bring in that lighter metallic from the heart, so I used a beautiful clasp from Miss Fickle Media. I am so pleased with this kit and the lovely necklace it became.