I love old stuff. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, and I don’t have to have a way to use it. It’s in my blood from a young age. My parents collected antiques while I was growing up, and we frequently went to auctions, antiques shows and flea markets. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but it was teaching me a fascination for old things and an appreciation of the quality of old ways of making and materials. So these days, I just love old things. It’s fun to take something that isn’t being used for its original purpose and fix it to be used again, even if that is in a different way.

Grey handmade paper background with bracelet on it. Bracelet has cream enamel leaves and small white set bead "buds". Leftover parts of a necklace the bracelet was remade from are in the background.

This would be a better post if I had taken a picture of the original necklace, but I rarely remember that before I just start work. I bought a great mixed lot of things from another jewelry designer. I loved this necklace included in the box. It was a choker as I find a lot of vintage pieces, or perhaps people used to have thinner necks. I thought for me it would make a great bracelet! I really love the design of little leaves and buds and how it slides on my wrist. It’s so elegant and will look great alone or in a stack. I just cut it and added a clasp. You can see in the back of the photo that I have more parts of the necklace to use for something in the future!