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I bought this fine silver Kelly Russell pendant from Allegory Gallery as a treat for myself. I really like this aged, ornate style, like a beautiful old villa you fall in love with. (I recently watched My Big Italian Adventure where Lorraine Bracco purchased a home in Italy for 1 euro and fixed it up – beautiful old tiles, wonderful lines, doorway arches…sigh.)

Necklace consisting of aged silver textured organic round pendant with small topaz stone set in the middle and organic freshwater pearl strand in shades of white, cream and grey with two small topaz stones on either size of a silver S clasp.

It had been living in the box it came in since I got it. In recent months, I had been eyeing some pearls in a favorite shop, Boss Jewelry Supply. I finally decided to get them, thinking in the back of my mind they might be perfect for this pendant. Initially, I tried some beads in that topaz color of the set stone in the middle of the pendant to go with the pearls, but they were just a distraction. Nothing else needed. (I did use two at the back to have smooth beads to put the crimps against.) I finished with a sterling clasp by Miss Fickle Media.

Even the back of this pendant is beautiful. Look at the texture!

Back of the aged silver pendant showing texture close up with the pearl strand partial visible in the background.

Thanks for reading.