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If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful and safe celebration. I wanted to show the rest of my 25 Beads of Christmas from Candie Cooper, as well as a lovely crystal snowflake kit I made.

Day 19 – This is a large hole picture jasper bead. Jasper is always welcome!

Brown large hole stone bead sitting on handmade papers in gray and white.

Day 20 – This is a beautiful mother-of-pearl focal. It almost looks like an animal print! I’m showing both sides.

Two photos side by side of the front and back of a mother of pearl bead sitting on grey and white handmade papers.

Day 21 – A striped Indian lamp work bead in black, white and metallic. Black and white stripes are such a wonderful graphic.

A white, black and metallic striped large bicone glass bead sitting on dark grey handmade paper.

Day 22 – There were two beads on this day. A filigree bead cap (great for a tassel!) and a little butterfly.

A rose gold filigree bead cap and white butterfly bead sitting on dark grey hand made paper.

Day 23 – This bead from Tibet is right up my alley, an agate in a beautiful shade of blue with metal worked bead caps. I love it!

A blue agate faceted bead with silver metal work bead caps on each end sitting on grey and white handmade paper.

Day 24 – This is a beautiful lamp work bead by Rita Schneck.

A green lampwork bead with yellow, brown and gold accents sitting on white and green handmade paper.

Day 25 – This is a really big, soft blue Swarovski crystal pendant in a fun shape.

A large blue crystal bead sitting on grey handmade paper with a purple hand painted coin envelope behind it that has "Candie Cooper" and her heart logo as well as the number "25" stamped on it in black.

That is the end of the 25 days. I hope you had fun. I sure did. I plan to do it again next year.

I also bought a gorgeous Swarovski snowflake kit from The Bead Place. I am feeling so nostalgic for Swarovski beads. This snowflake is just gorgeous, and it worked up in minutes…for the most part.

Hand holding snowflake ornament made of different shapes and sizes of clear crystals with AB coating with grey handmade paper in the background.

I knew bending the ends of the form would be a problem for me. I don’t know if I have unnaturally weak hands or what, but I find bending hard metals really difficult. Maybe I need to do hand exercises! I tried, but my grip was terrible, and I kept nicking the end crystal on that spoke. I just stopped once I got any kind of a loop. I tied a piece of linen on that side to hang it, and I just left the stoppers on the ends of the other spokes. You can’t really even see them, and I prefer that to ruining the whole thing trying to make ends. I’m going to hang this on the art ornament tree in my studio so I can enjoy it year round.

I really loved this snowflake kit. This is the second kit I’ve purchased from The Bead Place, and the second time I’ve made something from their tutorials. I would highly recommend them!