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I’ve had this gorgeous little charm by Andrew Thornton, a set gemstone, for a while waiting for the right project. I was cleaning and putting things away today when I decided to try a design. I recently got some tiny gemstones from Allegory Gallery – black tourmaline and multi tourmaline. I wanted to see how those looked with the charm. There is one of the multi tourmaline beads that has a beautiful pink spot, so I put that right next to the pendant.

Necklace laying on grey handmade paper. Necklace has tiny rose colored gemstone set in rustic silver bezel, multi tourmaline tiny drops separating black tourmaline drops. There is tiny black bead and copper rosary chain on one side and brass rectangular chain on the other. At each side where the chain connects, there are two dangles, a crystal and either a pearl or garnet chips

I also had mixed chain sections from Candie Cooper. I just used the gemstones in front so I could use the chain on either side. I wanted a little cover for the connection points, plus, I love the look of Cynthia Thornton‘s creations which often have lots of lovely wire wrapped gemstone, pearl and crystals and dangles. So I did a little bit of that on each side.

I really love necklaces that do more than look good; they have a good feeling imbued in them. Andrew often talks about this – working from head to heart to hands. I try to use materials that have that good feeling and also keep that feeling as I work on pieces. I was looking at my studio last night before bed and thinking, “It’s like magic in there.”

I hope you’ve been getting some magic in your life lately.