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I always love the look of a bracelet stack. (Think Candie Cooper on just about any video.) They aren’t always easy for me to wear, although it obviously can be done. I used to work with a woman who was always wearing a cute dress, a bracelet stack (or two) and what I have come to know as a neckmess before the term even existed – and whenever possible, she had biked to the meeting. How cool is that?

When I make bracelets, they tend to be a bit chunky, so they don’t always lend themselves well to the stack. So when I was watching the presentation by Abbi Berta from The Bead Place during The Great Bead Extravaganza and saw the cute bracelet project and more on their website, I decided to place an order. I bought (among other things) the 3-strand seed bead bracelet kit.

Bracelet kit in a bag that says DIY and shows a YouTube link to the tutorial. It is a three strand seed bead bracelet with three different colors on each bracelet and silver in the middle. The YouTube link shown is https://youtu.be/WVC3Y4ulm9E

The kit contains all the materials you will need; you just need a few tools. You might have some of the materials already at home, but if you need to order some, I encourage you to order from The Bead Place. Abbi is a fantastic teacher, and she puts so many free tutorials on her YouTube page. It’s nice to support small businesses who give us so much!

Bracelet stack shown on an arm with purples and silvers being the dominant colors with a little blue and green.

There was no detail left to chance in this tutorial. I am usually an eyeball it sort of person, but because of Abbi’s directions, I averted disaster more than once. It’s not a difficult project (and, with her instructions, a beginner can be successful) but it is precise. I was patient enough to do it because it was like beading with encouragement from a friend. I really enjoyed Abbi’s teaching style.

I think my bracelet came out great, and looks fabulous with my stack! There is the three strand bracelet from the kit, two silver bangles I’ve had since I was a teenager, four fabulous polymer clay channel bangles by ArtSci Designs, and a design based on a Candie Cooper project with a Green Girl Studios flower connector.

I think this is a great stack, and the kit was a fun project.