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I attended The Whole Bead Show online this year. It’s a lot of work for folks, and I hope they can get back to the way they prefer to do business, but as long as things had to go online, I’m glad I got to partake. I got some wonderful items. I had already signed up for my Apoxie Sculpt class when I had the opportunity to buy a bag of Roman glass shards from Hands of the Hills, one of the participants in The Whole Bead Show. I really loved it, and thought after the class, I’d have a way to use it. I was right.

Silver bezel pendant leaning against a rock filled with black clay with variously shaped shards of Roman glass with old, rough patina in some shiny blue, black, grey and metallic colors.

I really love the patina on the glass. There are so many colors! I also got some Roman glass beads from Hands of the Hills, and I used some of those to make a necklace with my pendant.

Pendant from above with a strand made up of Roman glass beads in various shapes with small blue beaded chain in the back.

I used several of the shapes, plus a few bigger green amethyst beads I got from Allegory Gallery. I finished it off with a couple of strands of blue beaded chain to bring some of the blue to the back of the necklace.

This was fun to make. I still have a lot of the shards. I also have so many other cabs and shards I look forward to using with Apoxie Sculpt.