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I had so much fun yesterday making projects inspired by Anne Potter‘s most recent Travelogue e-magazine that I went and looked through some older issues. I was really enjoying the France issue, so I made some projects inspired by that. I would even call it a mini-collection!

For the Laos issue, I made a couple of necklaces inspired by elements of several projects. This time, I made two necklaces more closely based on projects in the magazine and then two pair of earrings more inspired by.

This first necklace is based on the Adoration Necklace.

Necklace made of a variety of silver, white, clear, gold and grey beads and a hobnail and crystal pendant by Andrew Thornton.
Pendant by Andrew Thornton

Everything in the France issue is so elegant. I had similar elements, so I was able to make a similar necklace. I like all the interest the different beads introduce. I had been saving this Andrew Thornton pendant for something special, and this was it! The clear glass flower beads are vintage.

Necklace with fancy gold floral pendant with two orange crystal drops and knotted black beads.

This necklace is based on the Sacrament Necklace. One thing I think people looking to replicate the projects will like is that the sources are cited, so many times you can get the exact items. I have components in my stock that are similar enough to suit me, like this gold piece.

Earrings with black wooden beaded chain sections, white glass rectangles and white disc pearls.

These earrings are not based on any project. I just really liked the white rectangles that I came across while looking for white beads for the first necklace. I also found the two disc pearls in the same baggie. I had some black rosary chain on my table from one of my Laos projects, I felt like these fit the feel of the other projects.

Earrings made from gold organic shaped stick connectors with two small tassels at the bottom of each - one grey and one purple.

These earrings are based on the Antoinette Earrings. I repurposed the gold connectors from some broken old jewelry. My components for these weren’t as similar as I would have liked, but they are fun. I think these look a little like Mardi Gras!

It was so fun making a mini-collection. There are several more projects from the France issue I may tackle. They are all so beautiful. The Jeanne d’Arc set is clever and amazing!

This also reminded me that I want to go back to a number of projects in Anne’s book Global Style Jewelry.