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I’ve got a simple necklace today, but the road to the design wasn’t quick and linear. I actually went up to my studio to clean (always with the idea of designing in the back of my mind.) I was putting beads away, and saw something I had been looking for. A while ago I bought a little box of vintage chalk white Swarovski crystals. Swoon! I’m not gonna lie, part of the thrill was the original packaging!

I hadn’t been able to find these when I wanted them. I had moved on with that project using other beads and thought I could use them in another piece. But, as often happens, a twisted design path (and even more mess on my table!) led to something totally different that didn’t involve the Swarovski.

There were about half a dozen twists and turns that finally led to my deciding to make a simple Y necklace. I often see people in TV and movies wearing those, and I always like them. I don’t have a ton of really low necklines, so maybe I’ll sell it in the Artists for Animals Auction coming up in November.

I chose some pretty garnet colored beaded chain. It is pretty delicate, so I wanted a small artisan bead or pendant. After looking at a variety of things, I decided on a little Andrew Thornton metal heart. So sweet.

Close up of small metal hand made heart inside heart circle pendant by Andrew Thornton at the end of a section of garnet glass and brass rosary chain

It looks so nice on. It was difficult to get the shape, the color of the beads and the loveliness of the pendant all in one photo.

Photo of Y shaped necklace of rosary chain with Andrew Thornton circle heart metal pendant. Photo background is handmade paper, white with floral petals embedded.

I go up to my studio to do one thing, and it leads to so much more. It is time consuming, but relaxing time well spent.