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I love Fanciful Devices. Let me just start by saying that. I love artist Marina Rios‘ creations, her tutorials, her love of the weird and crusty. Too fangirl? I don’t care. Simply seeing her creations is a treat, and I own some components. I have at least one of her other tutorials, but I’d actually have to try something new to use it, so that’s for later. But I have several days off, and I wanted to have some fun. She happened to post a fabulous, gorgeous stack of her bangles on her Intagram, and she has a tutorial for the bangle stacks, so I bought it.

Stack of bangles bracelets with random beads described in post combined with thin, patterned black metal bangles, all tied with a black silk ribbon.

Doesn’t the above look like I had fun? I would like to emphasize that the tutorial is all I had to buy. I did not have to buy any special materials to make what I will show here. Now that may not be the case for everyone, but I like that the tutorial says beginner and it is truly for a beginner, but can be for anyone of any skill level if you want to have fun and end up with a great stack of bracelets. I will show each one I made individually just to point out some of the fun features.

Bangle bracelet with mostly white, cream and silver random beads.

I made this one first, I intended it to have a more monochromatic look. I know I will be making many more bracelets; I didn’t even use half of the techniques in the tutorial (and I had all the materials for those as well). But I did my usual didn’t-even-get-out-of-my-seat style of design. All the beads I used were within reach on my table or in containers on or near my table. I have had the little silver stamped dagger drops for a long time. I just have a few left. I think one is perfect here.

Bangle bracelet with mostly yellow and brown random beads.

Highlights here include a random seed, a few christmas beads (they make everything better) and a large hole vintage plastic ring that slides over some other beads.

Bangle bracelet with random brown, yellow, red, green and blue beads.

Next I set out to use some color. I especially love the larger beads with their juicy reds, yellows and oranges. Those colors always make me happy. But then as balance (although I paid no attention to balance) there is a faience blue bird on the other side I got from either Allegory Gallery or Andrew Thornton: Project Destash. I love that addition. It’s fun to have a few little things that particularly stick out (literally and/or figuratively).

Bangle bracelet with a random variety of beads and colors, including some wrapped wool fibers.

I only intended to make three, but I was having so much fun. Also, I had spied a piece of Wooly Wire on my table and meant to use it on the previous bracelet but had forgotten. That also gave me a chance to use some largish shell heishi and a sort of carved/patterned barrel. Who knows why all of this was even out! But it certainly worked out for me. I do want to say that while these bracelets aren’t about uniformity, the tutorial does address making things look right. Any wonkiness is my own impatience. I will read the tutorial more fully in future, but today I just wanted to GO.

I will definitely be having fun with this tutorial again and again. It will be fun to try some of the other techniques, make themed stacks, etc. What a fun and fast way to relax and use up some of my beads!