Years ago, I bought this textured ring with little glass dice, peppers and beads all a-dangle by Melinda Barnett. Just the sweetest thing. One could actually wear it as a ring, and I put it on once in a while that way. It felt cool with the dangles moving all around. But I wanted to make it into something I could wear more frequently, so a necklace it is.

Textured metal rings and red glass elements form the pendant for a necklace on copper chain.

I needed a ring to hold the pepper ring, and I chose another thick, textured ring, this one from the vintage goodness available through the Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I got just a few in a mixed lot, but then I managed to get a whole bag of them. Be still my vintage metal loving heart! I envision using some of these with patina. But for this project, I liked it just as it was, with its own natural patina. I did seal it with Renaissance Wax.

A little bit of long chain, and it’s done. It’s a nice, easy necklace with that bright pop of color I like. I’m having a lazy weekend, so it was nice to have a quick project.