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I just wanted to put up a very quick post with some very quick photo tests I did with my new photo box. I previously had a Foldio1 light box. It was so easy and convenient and most of all affordable! It worked well for me at the time, but I accidentally burned it out, and really wanted to upgrade to something larger anyway. These are not great photos, but better than I could have taken in five minutes at 7:00 at night without the Foldio. They could be really good photos once I put in some time carefully choosing appropriate backgrounds, lighting levels and a little editing.

Necklace with Chinese porcelain, lapis and sliver beads and a blue and white pottery shard pendant.

I recently got the Foldio2. (There is now a Foldio3, but I just didn’t need that much light box.) Here I want to mention the great service the company, Orangemonkie, provides. My Foldio2 came with a flaw. I contacted them through their contact link on their support page. They were way more efficient in getting back to me about it than I think I’ve ever experienced with a company, and sent out a new one. No company has 100% perfect products all the time. How they deal with issues lets me know what their customer service is like. I give Orangemonkie two thumbs up.

Necklace with clear AB coated crystals with spaced knotting on waded linen and a bronze unicorn pendant.
Unicorn pendant by Cynthia Thornton. This photo could use a different color background.

Some features of this light box are its bigger size – 15″ vs. 10″ for the Foldio1. There is a removable piece on the top for straight down photos. LED light strips are on 3 sides instead of two and the box features a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch is the best improvement, I think.

Asymmetrical necklace with garnet and green gemstone, purple lampwork rounds and a polymer clay pendant with a heart and crown motif.
Pendant by Andrew Thornton. This photo needs a different background/some color correction.

The Foldio2 also offers some optional accessories: halo lights that can attach to the box, additional background (the unit comes with black and white), a front cover that can block out shadows from ambient room lighting.

Patterned lucite pink panther pendant on textured gunmetal link chain.
Leetie Lovendale necklace. This light box will allow for great close up photos!

I can tell when I have time to experiment, I’ll be really happy with this light box and save a lot of time chasing the few rays of decent light I’m able to get each week. Sometime I will do a proper post showing different ways of using the box with the overhead shots, dimmer and front cover.

I’m about to watch a video by Allegory Gallery owners Andrew and William. I got the tail end of it live, and one thing they were talking about was taking good photos. I think it’s time I invested in photo editing software. I really prefer editing photos on my laptop, but I know there are a lot of apps for phone. I’ll have to research.

Do you have any photo tips? Do you use photo editing software? Please share in the comments.