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I wrote in a previous post about trying to come up with delicate necklaces that layer well. I probably could have found things that worked among the many, many necklaces I already have. However, why do that when I could make more? So I came up with a set I really love.

Two delicate necklaces layered together, one with a tapered glass flowered drop pendant.

I might make the necklace with the pendant slightly longer so the colored beads show more under the shorter necklace. I’ll see, but I love how they look together.

I got the tiny quartz rock crystal teardrops from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash and the cacoxenite from Dakota Stones. (Their website is wholesale only, but you can get their wares retail at their Facebook live sales and from Goody Beads, among other places.)

Close up of two necklaces with clear, light purple, golden, and medium blue tiny gemstones and beads. One also has silver chain and a floral lampwork drop pendant.

I wanted an extender at the back of the crystal quartz necklace, and chose the same beaded chain that I used at the front of the pendant necklace. Those beads are similar to the darkest of the cacoxenite.

The lampwork pendant is special to me. When I was young, I longed for the beautiful things I saw in magazines (like the jewelry I now make!) But I lived in an area where there was mostly mundane mass produced items, at least as far as I knew or had access. My older sister had moved to Philadelphia, and I went to visit her. Oh, what an adventure! I loved her neighborhood, her apartment, the radio station she listened to (the first time I heard Trip Shakespeare and probably any indie station). It was the first time I had (or heard of) a quesadilla. Anyway, I digress. We went to a little boutique, and I bought two pair of wonderful earrings, the kind I had always dreamed of. Wearing them made me feel like the fancy and fabulous person I knew I was! This drop was on one of them, and I’ve saved it for something special.

This set is perfect for some of the lower necklines of the dog days of summer. If you are in a region with hot weather, stay cool and, everywhere, stay safe.