I saw a project that had a gemstone pendant with some heishi shaped beads, and went to my studio inspired to use a gold wrapped gemstone connector I have with some natural heishi shaped beads. When I got the connector out, it wasn’t exactly how I remembered, and I wasn’t having much luck. But I had gotten out some heishi/saucer/rondelle shaped beads that went with it, and I was liking that combination. I decided to move away frm the gemstone connector and got out my stash of Artybecca beads. I knew I would find one in the right color palette for this project.

Pendant necklace with beads going from smaller to larger in the back and color graduating from light green in front to honey gold to burnt red in back.
Pendant by Artybecca

When getting ready for the construction phase, I was looking for a little dish to dump my beads into, and the one I chose had some small faceted gemstones in the same color as the first bead I was planning to use. I wanted there to be a size as well as color gradation, so I used some of those first. I also like that the first and last beads (carnelian from Sam’s Bead Shop) are faceted and provide a bit of sparkle, while the two middle beads are smooth. That draws the eye up and down the piece. I used bronze seed beads as spacers and one larger metal bead over the connection point at the pendant.

After I was wearing it around, I remembered that it is a connector, and I had been planning to find a charm or something to add to the bottom. But I like it how it is, so I don’t see a reason to fussy it up with something I think would just distract from the way the ombré draws the eye up.

I haven’t been as inspired lately as usual, so I was glad I had a really fun time with this necklace.