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I love the Jes MaHarry look – gemstones and precious metals in a casual, organic style. You may have seen it in the Sundance catalog. I like how she styles it when I see her wearing it herself – layering several necklaces together. Lately I’ve been making some gemstone and small pendant necklaces that I think of wearing this way.

Four small gemstone necklaces with small silver and pewter pendants.

I’ve used vintage glass, labradorite, turquoise, rubies, sapphires and pearls. the pendant on the left is by Sweet Rock Candy Beads and the other three are by Green Girl Studios. The Green Girl pendants are double sided. The fairy says “joy” on the back. The dove has a peace sign on the back. The (I believe) gryphon says “the final mystery is oneself.”

Same four necklaces in previous pictures turned over to show the back of the pendants.

I wasn’t quite intentional enough when making these, and they are all the same general length. I will need to make another that is a bit longer (or maybe I already have one suitable). The beads are also similar enough to not lay well together. I’ll need to experiment more to get some I think work well together. I think a longer one on chain maybe. These all work well on their own though, and I’m having fun making them and looking for the right materials.