I was working on some things that I can’t show, but I have been busy making, and that feels good. Once I got a bunch of household stuff done, I settled in to make something relaxing just for myself. That usually means knotting. I haven’t finished the piece, but I was losing light, so I knew if I wanted a blog post today, I better get some pictures and show what I have so far.

I picked out a two-sided fish pendant by Artybecca. It’s so fabulous.

Two-sided fish pendant by Artybecca

I wanted to use this specific pendant because there are some bright pink beads that are in an open box in my studio. Every time I see them, I swoon and hope I find a project for them. When I saw the pink in this pendant – bingo!

These beads are vintage, but I don’t know exactly what their deal is. They look like mercury glass, but they almost seem like insulated glass in their thickness rather than having the delicacy of mercury glass. Perhaps they are some coated material. I left the above picture a bit dark to try to cut down on shine and capture the texture they have. I love everything about them.

With such a poppy color, I wanted to choose much more neutral colors for the other beads. I decided on dark colors, black and olive green, so I chose the side of the pendant with the olive eye. I also like the flower shape on that side.

The black beads that I’ve put near the pendant are wooden. The barrel bead has a lovely design that reminds me of spoon carving popular on Eastlake style wooden dressers. The olive are vintage lucite beads with a bit of a pumpkin texture. I’m knotting it on black linen.

I’m wondering a little bit if I should have fewer of the small beads in a row and have a black bead every other time as the bead in between the olive beads. If I have fewer olive beads per grouping, I don’t want want the very shiny, bright pink beads to overwhelm the piece. Working on this is just what I needed for a bit of fun and relaxation on Sunday evening.