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I haven’t been feeling that inspired the last week. There is so much sadness and so much to be angry about. But self-care is important because if we aren’t well, we can’t do the work to make things better, so I went into my studio today and made a couple of things.

First I used one of the Allegory Gallery inspiration kits. This is Kit #8. I could not love the metal lady bug more. And I love the green and red palette that says summer rather than Christmas.

I added some brass spacers, glass peanut beads, and an owl. I figured the lady bug should have a friend. Other than findings, everything else is from the kit. It was really lovely weather here today, which does not make for a good picture!

Last week I was auditioning some Andrew Thornton pendants to go with gemstones. One was a polymer clay round that was a strong contender, but ultimately did not get chosen for that necklace.

Sometimes I take photos when I’m working to get a different perspective on how things look.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, though, and put it on some dark, sparkly chain I got from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot. I was trying a variety of other charms to go with it, and wanted something long so it would lay right with the round. I spied a perfect head pin by Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity.

Made for each other!

The wire on the headpin is a stronger metal than I’m used to working with, and I’ll tell you I didn’t break the glass headpin just by a miracle. I’ve dangled the two art beads from the chain with a beautiful handmade ring from Shannon of Miss Fickle Media.

Being in my studio is a balm. Sometimes I go in there just to look around or even clean and organize. It’s calm and full of positive energy from the creativity of all the artists who made things that live there.

Take care. I hope you can find ways to help make your community better for all the residents who live there.