This post once again underlines my favorite design theme: every bead will eventually find its project. Over two years ago, I got these gold glass pearls from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot Facebook page.

They look large, and Sondra clearly said they are 20 x 14 mm “focal sized”. But, my brain doesn’t process size well, so I’m not infrequently surprised by how large or small something is when I get it, and that was true with these. No worries; if I like it, I know I will use it. And these pearls are gorgeous.

Fast forward a couple years, and I got a subscription to the streaming service Acorn. I am watching a show called “Good Karma Hospital.” On one episode, a character walks into a scene wearing the most beautiful large gold pearl necklace! I immediately thought of these pearls.

Now, I didn’t have these materials. This looks like 30 or more large cornflake type fresh water pearls. However, my lovely Czech glass beads could make something with this same rich look. So I found mine and set about coming up with a design that would work.

I wanted the pearls to take front and center and have some sort of small tassel at the bottom. I needed more beads. I added large iris coated gold seed beads and iris coated Czech pumpkins. I also added some vintage glass pearls dipped in a bronzey-gold that my mom gave me.

I really love it. It has a nice weight and just glows. I was actually so inspired that I stopped watching the show at the moment pictured (after rewinding it about three times!) and went to find my pearls. I was just going to see what they were like, but I ended up sitting in my studio designing and constructing the whole necklace right then!