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Part of the fun of jewelry making for me is finding wonderful components and then finding how these disparate items, added to my stash at different times, fit together. This necklace (of the floppy variety, so a bit difficult to show well) is the perfect illustration.

Relatively recently I got the rhinestone circle with the chain tassel (it goes on and on – 6 inches!) I loved it on sight in Miss Fickle Media‘s shop. It is one of those fabulous finds that leads me to think it would do well with a simple design, but I wanted a focal bead above it. The whole idea made me think of elegance and 1920s/1930s Hollywood glamour. That made me think of a decadent looking gold lucite bead I got from Beads to Blooms. Perfect!

I love clear crystals with AB coating, especially vintage, and I knew I had one large enough to provide some real sparkle. I wanted a bead cap, and in looking through what I have, I found this cute green one for a pop of color. I got those so long ago and this is the first time I’ve used one I think.

This filigree chain fits the mood of this necklace, but I only had it in gold. However, I knew there was some gold at the same shop, Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot. I ordered some because I felt like having the silver would be a much better color balance than gold, and it really is.

I really love this necklace and how all of these parts came together. I feel so fancy wearing it!