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I’ve been keeping myself busy making during the pandemic because that is my relaxation. It helps to keep stress at bay as much as possible. I have a necklace and a bracelet to show this post.

I saw a rice pearl wrap bracelet recently. I think someone might have been wearing it in a show or in a picture. I can’t remember. But I thought that would be a great way to use some of my glass pearls! I miscalculated the length, so I converted some of the strung area into the loop for the closure around the Czech button. It’s very fun!

This necklace had dual inspiration. One is a necklace I saw by Candie Cooper and the other is a necklace Kayla was wearing in a Dakota Stones live video. Kayla’s necklace used a wooden pendant from Allegory Gallery, and owners William and Andrew shared that.So not only did I get an idea for a relaxing necklace project (I have lots of wonderful Allegory Gallery wooden pendants), but also this alerted me to the fact that Dakota Stones is having live sales on their Facebook page that even retail customers can join. Their website is wholesale only, so this was very exciting. I had planned to visit them at the Madison Art Glass and Bead Show that is now rescheduled for November. This was just win-win all the way around.

I watched another live Dakota Stones sale after the one with this necklace where Kayla was wearing another great, inspirational necklace. You’ll probably be seeing a necklace based on that one soon. Also, I must mention that Allegory Gallery has updated its online store. They are starting out by listing some really great inspiration kits. They will be adding more items over time, including wooden pendants that are artist collaborations that I’m excited about. They have done those before, and they’ve always been wonderful. However, if you are interested in current wooden pendants or anything, contact them because they are happy to ship.