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I’ve been loving all the vintage Chinese ceramic beads I got from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash. I’ve made yet another necklace with some of them. They work so well with a variety of beads. 

I’ve had this china pendant (also from Andrew’s destash) for a while. I am fan of blue and white; it’s so classic. I had the idea to use these carved acrylic beads with the Chinese ceramic, a version of the classic style I’ve seen over the years of the Chinese ceramics with carved beads such as cinnabar or jade. I brought in more blue with gorgeous lapis graduated saucers at the front. I don’t use a lot of shiny silver, but I thought it went with the style of this necklace to use silver plated rounds for spacers.

I’ll live with it for a while and see if it’s too shiny for me! But I do like the blue with the vintage beads.

I’m usually wordier, but this is a short post. I’ve had this necklace 3/4 made on my table since last week and just finished it and wrote the post. I’m going to get back to making to try and relax more. Take care of yourselves.