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I usually say today is the reveal, but I can only say today is my reveal for this challenge. The official reveal date was yesterday and it just slipped my mind. But one of the many great things about Allegory Gallery challenges is they are super flexible. I do like having a reveal date (I’ve found I don’t do the challenge otherwise) but never feel any pressure. So here we are with the Golden Hour kit.

Picture by Allegory Gallery

I didn’t take a picture of the kit or even use the really cool special piece Andrew made for it, but I did get a couple of things done. There is a picture of the Luxury Bead Blend from the Allegory Gallery website above. Andrew said he was inspired by the light the moment after sunset or sunrise. He remembers that rosy glow from childhood. I do too. The kit (and name) also reminded me of Hollywood glamour of the 1930s. I just looked at that luxury blend and other beads, and saw Jean Harlow in a gold satin gown walking down a staircase.

So my first piece is a lot of sparkly beads and gold along with one of the big beautiful swirly lucite beads. It was hard to get a good photo. It is so much prettier and fancier in person.

This shows a good picture of the pendant. I love those swirls! The Hamilton gold tube above it has such a warm color. I think the below is a better picture of how I used the beads.

The other thing I got done is a pair of earrings. 

I’ve been hankering to break out the patina. I used Vintaj Marble (my favorite patina) on these filigree drops I had in my stash. I love a shabby chic look, and I think that comes through here.

Although I didn’t get a chance to use it yet, I wanted to show the fabulous laser-engraved acrylic pendant designed by Andrew Thornton. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this pendant in the future when I get some time. 

Please take care of yourself and others during this time!