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I wanted to put in a little time making things for the Artists for Animals Auction so I don’t lose sight of that in all the hullabaloo happening. First is a necklace. I’ve been saving an Inviciti cat charm to make something. It was part of an earring pair, but I generally split those up because I mostly make necklaces. Then I need to do something to make it a larger profile pendant if I am not making a delicate necklace. I had a vintage lucite frame, so I wired the kitty charm to it. 

When I looked at the charm and considered gemstones to use, I thought tourmaline would be just the thing. I added black faceted Czech glass and knotted them on waxed linen. I added a chain extender to make it between about 20 and 23″.

It seemed to me at last auction, that people didn’t love the vintage materials, particularly vintage metal, as much as I do. I’ve been trying to convince myself not to use as many, but that didn’t work out today. These vintage plastic hoops are so cool! I wish I knew what kind of plastic they are; I think lucite or acrylic sounds better than generic “plastic”. They are kind of heavy for plastic (that’s the quality of the vintage plastic.) I’ve paired them with black and silver Czech glass bicones. 

I also got a bunch of different shapes and textures of lightweight colored metal (probably aluminum) drops. They look very ’80s to me, girls just want to have fun style! I put some large pink rondelles with these long blue drops.

I have other things on my table, but I was splitting my attention in too many directions, so I decided to finish a few things and then focus on something else for a while.

Stay well and stay creative!