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There is just something about vintage beads that isn’t like modern beads. That’s not to say I like vintage beads more than contemporary beads, but vintage things do give me a thrill. 

This necklace consists of a vintage white ball pendant. It’s heavy, though I’m not sure of the material. Possibly enameled metal? I got it in a mixed box of vintage materials from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. That is where the owner of A Grain of Sand is selling off her vintage stock to focus on gemstones on her website.

I also got the large fluted pink beads and elongated fluted AB beads from the Hoard Destash. They are plastic of one sort or another. I don’t think modern day plastic is generally as nice, and I like using plastic because it is light weight and easier to use larger beads. I went with a pop of color and a little more heft with a few vintage floral Chinese porcelain beads that I got from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash. That is where the owners of Allegory Gallery sell special items, personal stock, first looks, etc. I love destash and VIP groups because I can get things there that I usually can’t get elsewhere.

I used some vintage chalk white beads (I love vintage white) and some pink plastic barrels from a repurposed necklace I got in a destash. The colors of this necklace make my heart flutter. My ideal (albiet not practical) item of clothing is a white linen dress. I don’t actually own this item, but I tend to imagine my jewelry with it. Any necklace I make that would look great with white linen thrills me. This one definitely fits the bill.