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I have just been in a book mood lately and have acquired some fabulous beading and craft books, so I thought as I did projects from them, I would take the opportunity to also review the book.

Today I am focusing on Global Style Jewelry by Anne Potter. 

I remember seeing Anne’s name in jewelry magazines back when more were still in existence. I really miss many of the print jewelry magazines that have gone by the wayside, so when Anne created her own quarterly electronic magazine, Travelogue, I bought a few issues and then subscribed. I really enjoy the beautiful photos, like a journey, along with the projects. You may have seen her work on the Art Bead Scene Studio blog, where she is a constributor. Somehow I missed the existence of this book until recently (I’m finding that with many people whose work I admire) but I like to think I find the books when I am ready for them.

I mostly use books for inspiration rather than specific projects, but Global Style Jewelry will work for you either way. There are beautiful, full color, close up pictures along with step-by-step written instructions for each project. There are tools, supplies and helpful techniques sections, as well as resources and suppliers lists. What I like about not only Anne’s quarterly PDF magazine but also this book is that I feel like the projects are accessible, interesting and inspiring for many skill levels. There is also a story at the beginning of each section and project based on the region, country or continent.

In addition to her jewelry shop and website, she has a supply shop where you can get the kinds of items used in her types of designs. I’ve always been fascinated by industrial items that can be used in jewelry, and Anne had some cotter pins in her shop! I bought those with the book and used the inspiration of her designs to make this necklace. 

African Christmas beads are some of my favorite beads ever. I love all the different colors, shapes and sizes. They really make me happy. I like the idea of long dangles, like the large picture on the front of the book, so I used some of the cotter pins with a couple of strands of Christmas beads to make sure I had plenty of color. I added a few metal tubes to the shorter strand to bring in that element.

The cotter pins are vintage, and I’m all about that. I love a bit of grunge with my pretty. I “cleaned” them up with brass cleaner just a tiny bit to take off any surface dirt and give them a smidge of a shine, but I left the wonderful patina and wear that you can see here.

I’m really happy to have put some of my happiest beads to use to make my first (but not last) project inspired by this great book. I highly recommend it if you are looking for either specific projects or general inspiration. Have fun traveling the world of your imagination!