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The Art Bead Scene Studio blog has rolled out a teaser for their next nine art journeys, and this is going to be a great, inspiring year! Art Journey One features pen and ink illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley from the book Le Morte d’Arthur from the late 1800s. They are detailed, elegant and inspire with a limited palette of white and black and cream and black. That doesn’t mean the inspiration is limited, though. The ambiance, detailed motifs (many flowers, leaves and vines) and strong lines and backgrounds provide ample material for creativity.

Illustration by Aubrey Beardsley from Le Morte d’Arthur, 1893

What struck me most were the bold, thick frames of each illustration. They reminded me of a Vintaj frame I have, and I loved the idea of framing a beautiful art bead. While auditioning beads, I found a wonderful floral piece by Inviciti that worked perfectly and kept with the floral theme as well.

I used Vintaj patina in Marble (my favorite) on the frame and then brushed it with the relief block to bring up the floral design. I combined vintage white Czech rounds with clear Swarovski crystals and knotted them on black waxed linen. I wanted a little more accent, and I continued the floral theme with lily beads and gave them black Swarovski crystal middles. I often like a pop of color in a piece. In a monochromatic piece, these slightly yellow flowers count as a pop! I also dabbed the patina on all the findings so they would blend in and appear a little weathered. I wanted the piece to hark back to a previous time, as the illustrations do.

If you enjoy a good challenge or need a boost to your creativity, visit the Art Bead Scene Studio for wonderful posts and to join in the art journeys. There is a new, easier way to post your entry or see what others made – on the Art Bead Scene Lounge Facebook page.