My mom, dad and I decided to make leather wrap bracelets as our holiday project. (Well, my dad decided he wanted a leather wrap bracelet, but he would need someone else to make it.) I chose rustic brown leather and organic shaped pearls for my materials. It wasn’t taking a long time to make, but I kept getting the thread tangled. Then I wasn’t paying attention and made it too long, so I tried to put the thread back through the extra beads without losing too much to finish the bracelet, but it got knotted. The thread wasn’t tight enough to suit me. There was no end to the irritations. After starting over 3 or 4 times, I gave up for the time being and went to do something else. My mom kept at it, and finished her beautiful bracelet.

Later that night, we were drooling over jewelry on the Sundance site. I realized what I wanted was not the wrap bracelet style (I was only planning on a single wrap) but the look of leather and pearls. So, I pulled out my large hole pearls, a thinner brown leather in the same distressed style and voilà!

I designed this bracelet while falling asleep last night and made it this morning. I got the exact look I was going for without the spending hours being frustrated while making it. This bracelet took me about ten minutes to make. I used a beautiful Czech glass button as my closure. Another benefit is that it was much easier to size this bracelet than the wrap kind, and it fits perfectly. I’m so pleased.

My mom and I put in an order on Leather Cord USA for all the project ideas we’ve been dreaming up with leather! We never run out of projects.