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I don’t usually do holiday themed jewelry. I get so few occasions to wear it. I have one Halloween necklace that I can never remember to wear in October, and if I do remember, I can’t find it in time. But I still made two (well actually three – I wrote about one before that could be a holiday piece) this year. I couldn’t resist.

Well, this first one is not strictly holiday, but it is winter. It does make me think of holiday time. I got some vintage acrylic icicle beads in a mixed box of vintage goodness from Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. I am telling you, these fun boxes just keep on giving. The icicles are not something I would think to buy, but I am in love with this necklace.

It’s hard (for me) to take a picture of clear beads as well as unstructured (chain) necklaces, but this is pretty good. I put it on the dark background of a catalog page from Gudrun Sjoden, a favorite clothing designer, to help it show up. I put the icicle on dark wire and then simple black chain. I also got some exquisite vintage clear glass gumdrop beads from the same place, and added a few of those. I thought about glittery crystals or clear glass drops to look like dripping ice, but I loved the gumdrop idea. I guess that’s another reason this reads more holiday to me. This deceptively simple looking necklace was the dickens to put together. I was planning to stagger the gumdrops (they are a little) but the fine chain make counting links and keeping it still difficult (even pinned to a macrame board). I also couldn’t understand why the same jump ring I used to attach the back wouldn’t fit to attach the gumdrops. I realized it was because there wasn’t room in a link both for the attached link and the ring; at the back I was attaching two separate pieces. So I cut apart the necklace in each place where I put a gumdrop and then attached it back with the ring. All good lessons learned and well worth it since I love this very much.

The next necklace started with a fabulous vintage Venetian glass drop. This is another bead that doesn’t absolutely have to be Christmas, but can read very holiday depending on what you do with it. I got a lot of several, and I wanted to use one in a Christmas necklace.

I design things in my head while falling asleep, and I had designed another simple necklace with this bead and an old, crusty green glass bead that I also got from Andrew Thornton: Project Destash. I thought I would just put that pendant on chain. However, when I looked for the green bead, I couldn’t find it. Errr! I hate that. But one must move on. As I looked, I took out other things I came across that I thought would work. I found a bag of Venetian and other glass beads that always reminded me of the old glass Christmas ornaments my family has, especially the mercury glass.

I bought them early on in my beading days but had taken apart the necklace I used them in. I decided that in the absence of the green bead, I would go all out fancy Christmas garland style! I put a vintage Swarovski crystal atop the drop since the drop had a too large a hole for the knotted linen. I added in a strand of glass tubes with a mercury glass finish and ta-da! A bit more blingy than I usually do, but very fun for the season. 

I’ll have fun wearing this during the holidays. Since MooKitty has come to live with me, I haven’t put up a tree. (Although this CraftyHope tutorial has given me the idea to put up a tree with non-breakable ornaments next year.) This necklace can be my decoration!

Have a wonderful holiday if you celebrate one, and I hope we can all look forward to wonderful things in 2020!