I’ve been working on organizing my studio (the “ruins” part of this post.) Included with that is adding more storage. I seem to be bringing in more beads and supplies than I use. Even when I use them, they don’t leave but stay in the form of completed jewelry. Although the earrings that did not sell at the last Artists for Animals Auction were taken to work. I gave them to a co-worker to keep, gift or distribute. I heard her giving some to another employee, who was very excited. It was nice to find some things a good home. 

After assembling and adding two of these to my room and starting to stock the drawers, I took a break to make something. I didn’t have a specific idea in mind (that I knew where all the materials were!) so I was just looking in a box that had mixed artists beads. Artists graduate to their own box (or sometimes more than one) when I get a good stash, but some folks I just have one or a few items. I found a sterling silver wax stamp initial charm that I bought from Sweet Rock Candy Beads several years ago that I now could envision a design for. 

I added vintage clear glass beads, little faceted labradorite beads with decent flash and bright silver seed beads with a sterling lobster claw. I have sterling silver and gold filled lobster claw clasps from jewelry I made in my early days that I have now taken apart. It was easy to afford those metals back then! 

I think this necklace is very sweet as befits this charm. I hope you are having a lovely day. I’m excited to have some vacation time coming up soon and hope I’ll get some good making time in.