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The question mark in the title of this post is for two reasons. One because I don’t know that anyone reading this blog could determine the goodness of the parts or whole of the necklace because it is difficult to photograph. It is floppy, long and the bottom metal piece of the pendant is dark compared to the other parts and the polymer bead is very shiny. Two, I feel as though I should like it more than I currently do. I’ll have to wear it and live with it for a while before I decide if “goodness” describes it. I do love all the parts. 

The pendant consists of a a metal drop by Helen Backhouse, turquoise, rustic metal and a polymer clay bead by Cynthia Thornton. I have several of these polymer beads Cynthia made. They are gorgeous. I had gotten them out to consider them for another project that didn’t come together. But seeing the turquoise and ruby swirls in the bead made me pull out my turquoise and ruby beads. I intended to use more of the turquoise beads, but the thing was so heavy after those top two turquoise beads, I decided to add chain. I put some wire-wrapped small turquoise chips to fancy up the chain.

I really love all the elements. I’ll get a chance to wear it this week and also get some family opinions on it in person to see if it needs anything. I have been trying to analyze jewelry that I like to see what I like in it that I sometimes feel is missing from my pieces. After thing about that, I added the wire wrapped seed beads between the metal and turquoise in the pendant because the connection looked skimpy and added the turquoise dangles.

I feel like I am ready and can go to the next step in my jewelry making by being a little more intentional with my designs rather than going for the immediate gratification of getting something done quickly. I also have started to make some of my own components – just beginner ones like ear wires and clasps. After the last online class I took from Heather Powers, I signed up for another one. (I still have one necklace to finish from the first class that involves my nemesis, wire wrapping.)   I want to do like I did last time and take a few days off to focus on the class. That allows me to enjoy it more.