Allegory Gallery has once again given us a month full of inspiration in October. Today I worked on the prompt to draw inspiration from an historic piece of jewelry. I immediately thought of my favorite piece and favorite book about historic jewelry: Cartier. Many years ago, I saw this exhibit and bought the book that is full of beautiful inspiration. It never gets old.

I love the colors in the cover necklace. That was a large part of my inspiration. I also looked through the book to see if there was inspiration for a specific design (since I don’t have a bunch of emeralds, sapphires and rubies sitting around). These earrings inspired my necklace. 

The shape of the center red enamel pieces reminded me of a connector I had in my stash, though those are a Chinese character, and I think mine is a Celtic symbol. It is purplish blue. I also had a nice sized carved bead that had the same feel and a similar color to the enamel. I had a bunch of faux jade vintage glass beads to round out the blue/red/green color scheme.

To bring in a little bling, I added a red and green enamel bead circled with rhinestones as well as some clear fire polished crystals at the bottom of the strand. 

I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. I think it really has the coloring and general feel of my inspiration.