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I am a big fan of Anne Potter’s designs. They are simple enough that jewelry makers of all skill levels would find them accessible, but they are sophisticated and beautiful. They also lend themselves well to being inspirational as a springboard to one’s own designs. I love reading her quarterly magazine Travelogue.

Anne is also a contributor to the Art Bead Scene Studio blog. In one of her posts, she made a fun and pretty necklace with paper-covered wooden butterflies from Pork Chop Show. When I saw that, several ideas coalesced. I had been admiring a friend’s necklace with enamel butterflies. I had also been looking at the Pork Shop Show shop for some time, and I finally made an order. I did order some butterflies, but what really spoke to me were some fun animals. They reminded me of a necklace I had tried to make with plastic animals based on a tutorial from Flamingo Toes, which in turn was based on an Anthropologie necklace. The result is the Mr. Oliver Zebra necklace.

His little bowler hat reminds me of a proper English gentleman, but with panache. So he needs to be addressed fittingly by his entire name, with honorific. His flair for fashion is also evident in his bright stripes and off-white newsprint style under coating. I used vintage off-white beads, vintage red beads, a few paper beads and some matte black seed beads to get just the right look. He goes on right over the head with no clasp: easy and stylish, that’s how he rolls.

Mr. Oliver Zebra got a vintage brass bail because I found that drilling marred the paper a little. I think if I were a more confident, faster driller (and maybe used a smaller bit) it would be less noticeable. I did drill this butterfly as a practice piece and used it for one of the Allegory Gallery September prompts: make a non-jewelry item. It is an ornament I will put on the ornament tree in my studio.