I got this great carved moonstone pendant from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot and wanted to make a long necklace that would fit over my head without a clasp, my current favorite style.

I considered using some special glass beads, but couldn’t find just the right ones, so gemstones won out. I used moonstone cubes and citrine nuggets. I used dark red seed beads to make the gemstones pop. 

So pretty! I love gemstones, especially in the nugget shape of the citrine. Rough, yet elegant. My studio is such a mess, it is difficult to get anything done. I need to clean before I can really focus on the projects I am trying to finish. (I brought this down to the living room to work on.) I have one more necklace from my last Heather Powers class and then I’m going to finish gathering materials for the next class. Exciting!