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I wasn’t really out of the studio, but haven’t been on my regular creating schedule the past few weeks, and I miss it. This situation often results in too many ideas getting bottlenecked in my brain so that it’s difficult for them to get out in the form of a finished piece. What usually saves me is a completely new idea coming along, which then breaks the bottleneck. That happened today.

This morning I wanted to create, but I wasn’t sure where to start from the many ideas and partially finished projects I have. I was watching a show, and one of the characters was wearing several necklaces together. At first glimpse, it looked like one was a short, kind of chunky turquoise necklace with a small charm. It turned out the charm was a separate necklace, but the idea was already in my head. 

Often when I need a small pendant or charm, I think Green Girl Studios. I started with a little square pendant that had a dove on one side and a peace sign on the back. I loved how it looked, but the bail loop was small and close to the square. The beads butted up against the corners of the square making it difficult to lay flat. I tried a variety of placement and other beads on the side of the pendant because I liked it so much, but eventually gave up before the whole necklace seemed like a bad idea. I replaced it with this fairy pendant. The back says “joy”. 

This necklace is very comfortable. I love turquoise; it’s great in any season. Making this broke the bottleneck in my brain, and I also made an asymmetrical piece for one of the Allegory Design Challenge prompts.

Slight asymmetry achieved by turning the Bohemian crystal a different way on one earring. These will be available November 11 – 17, 2019 for the Artists for Animals Auction.