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I participated in one of Lori Anderson’s bead swaps last year. She offered a few color palettes and matched partners. We picked a color palette, packed up beads and sent them to our partners. I was matched with Helena Hatten, and she sent me a beautiful motherlode of beads!

Here is a picture of a color palette with allll the beads she sent. Beautiful, right? I kept them all together, and gazed at them and enjoyed them, but I hadn’t made anything. Then, recently, I was working on some earrings and a couple of the green beads seemed the perfect thing. And then it started. 

(These will be available later in a year in the Artists for Animals Auction.)

Then someone on the Bead Soup Cafe page where the swaps (and other fun things) happen noticed one of the close up photos I posted of my swap and commented on it. I saw it with new eyes, honed in on one section of the swap. Helena and I agreed it was a beautiful mix, and I saw a necklace in it. 

Here is what I came up with. It was inspired by Leetie Lovendale rosary style Carmen necklaces along with the bead mix. 

I really had fun making this and love how it turned out. There is a lot more in that mix, so there will be more designs to come!