I enjoy using fancy paper (the kind used for making cards and scrapbooks) in bezels and filling them with resin for a glass-like finish. I got a bezel link bracelet in an Andrew Thornton destash, and this was perfect for a resin project.

I had a beautiful piece of paper that looked sort of like an old textured wall that had been painted many times and was scratched up to reveal different colors in different places. I cut rectangles out of different parts of the page to represent as many colors as possible. 

I always seal papers very well. I’ve seen and experienced paper soaking in resin if not sealed well enough. I tend to like a smooth, flat finish. I did try to dome these a bit, but the edges weren’t perfectly even, so I was afraid of spillage. I’ve had a lot of luck not getting a ton of bubbles and getting rid of any bubbles that develop. I think this bracelet is beautiful. My mom and I had been using the Ice Resin plunger because we were nervous about measuring our own. We became more confident about measuring and bought the more economical separate bottles. This was a project for which we mixed our own resin, and it cured just fine. Later this year we will be moving on to some slightly more complex projects. I’m also thinking I should have some molds or little things always available to use up leftover resin whenever we do a pour.