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When I was making this necklace today, I thought about how a lot of my jewelry comes about because I’m looking for something and before I find it, I’m distracted by something else. I guess it is a method that works because I like my distracted jewelry!

About a week ago as I was falling asleep, I suddenly had an idea for a necklace using a Lisa Peters Russ pendant. By the time I got into my studio, I remembered an idea I had for the current Honey Do List from SJDesigns Jewelry. The things I was trying were not working out, so I went to look for the Lisa Peters pendant. While I was looking, I saw my box that includes beaded beads. Over the last few months, I had several ideas for some vintage Czech beaded beads, so I took a look at those. That is the necklace that came together. The other ideas are still around, but I made the one that came together first. 

I had gotten this great red tassel from Lori Anderson of Bead Soup fame. I thought it would look great with this vintage red beaded bead. I added a cloisonné bead on top. The strand is made from hessonite garnet nuggets, seed beads and Czech glass. I brought the red in again at the back with a vintage lucite box clasp. 

This was as much fun to make as it will be to wear. I need to clean up a little in my studio so I can work on the other projects still to be made.