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I didn’t get anything finished this weekend, but I thought I would feature a couple of beautiful things my mom recently made. I think this first necklace is a gorgeous masterwork. She bought the sterling focal years ago when you could get something like this. She got it at a great bead store in Milwaukee called Planet Bead. When you wait patiently, you will eventually be rewarded with the right materials to go with a fabulous focal. These pearls were a more recent acquisition. She finished it off with a beautiful clasp from Saki Silver

I just love it so much. It is one of those perfect necklaces I drool over.

She also made the cutest bracelet. I got some super cute vintage fish stampings from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot, and she asked me to bend hers so she could make it into a bracelet. She added two strands of round beads. There was an indented area for the eye and some little areas on the back. She added some crystals for a little bling. She finished it off with a vintage lucite box clasp. So cute!

My project this weekend was to finish a link bracelet for which I needed to add resin. I had chosen a paper that had a variety of colors in different areas and sealed that into the links. I had planned to add resin when we were doing other resin projects, but I found that because the rectangular links were not completely flat on the back, it would have been dicey to add resin without some plan.

I decided my best bet was to get some styrofoam and use T pins to pin it down flat and hold it steady. 

It worked out, and the resin pour went well. It is curing now. I like how jewelry making also involves problem solving.