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I was rooting around in my Round Rabbit stash for something I didn’t even end up using. It was so fun, though, to see so many old friends that I ended up using two of them.

First an orange and green pendant struck my eye. I had just gotten some vintage bright orange beads in the same color. This is something I love about Round Rabbit beads; Nancy Adams’ vibrant colors and fresh combinations. Nancy no longer makes beads but still offers handmade goods, so check out her shop

I mistakenly thought the outer line was army green on first look, but it is really a dark purple. I decided that army green would work well anyway, and mixed some vintage green lucite with the  orange glass. After I had knotted a bit, I decided the orange was becoming too overwhelming, so I decided to make the rest of the necklace with just the green beads. I didn’t make sure I had knotted the same number of orange on each side, but when I noticed I was one off, it reminded me of a decorating and art technique I’ve seen that I like where paint isn’t even and just stops at different places. It doesn’t sound good the way I’m describing it, but it always looks good when I see it. So I decided to leave it. 

I was looking for something purple to dangle off the bottom of the pendant. After checking gemstones, glass and vintage plastic, I decided on these ceramic beads by Gaea in purple and green. I finished it off with a green vintage lucite box clasp. I just love the color combination!

I had some vintage glass beads from a broken necklace I got in a destash sitting on my table. When I saw a little blueish-purple Round Rabbit connector I thought would go well with them, I tried it out and liked the effect. 

I thought these delicate beads called for a shorter necklace and made it adjustable to sit at or just below my throat. Vintage glass has such a wonderful look to it.