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Today I went with family to a local bead store, Meant to Bead. One of the things I got is a beautiful lampwork bead by Unicorne Beads. I had a collection of blush pink vintage German glass from Ava Motherwell that I had tried to use a couple times, but the projects did not turn out. I thought this bead might be great with them.

I first made a bracelet that was nice enough, but it was slightly small and difficult to clasp. I decided to try a necklace, and my second design worked for me. I think the pink Unicorne bead is perfect with the German glass. Pink was my favorite color as a child. I still love it, but usually don’t call it my favorite color. It’s harder to work with in terms of design, I think, because it doesn’t show as well as some other colors. I added in some vintage plastic barbell beads from B’Sue Boutiques with an AB type coating and a couple types of seed beads. I wanted it to be long enough to slip over my head, and I also didn’t want the plastic beads to sit on my neck because they are kind of pokey. I put slightly larger glass beads toward the back and added some vintage pink chain from Suzanne Branca’s Famous Vintage Bead Hoard to make it comfortable.

The result is soft and beautiful. With many necklaces I make, I think, I wish I had a white linen dress for that. This one would look especially good on that. I’ll keep looking!