I love a good destash. I’ve probably said it before. What’s not to like? Giving something a new home and allowing someone else to clean out. Good prices and someone else makes a little money. Just win-win all the way around. I visited a new-to-me page on Facebook, The Aurora Floris League of Jewelry Enthusiasts, that happened to be having a destash. I bought some really great things. I just got the package this week, and have already used a lampwork butterfly by Esther Silver. The beautiful blues and greens are just so calming. 

I had recently gotten some vintage green glass beads from a favorite source, Famous Vintage Bead Hoard Liquidation Desatsh. I also always think of pearls whenever I think of butterflies, so I looked in my pearl box and saw some dark green pearls that brought out the darker shades in the butterfly. 

The blue pops so much more, so I decided not to use much of it in the rest of the necklace, but I used a few glass discs to bring the eye up. I also used a vintage lucite box clasp in the same blue; it makes the necklace feel really complete to me.

Now here is where the tip part of this post’s title comes in. The butterfly had a large tube hole along the back. In the past, this would have frustrated me because most any stringing material is so thin that the butterfly would be flopping around. In a recent post, I lamented this reality of large hole beads, and the wonderful Yvonne Irvin-Faus of My Elements gave me a tip. She sells tubing that is perfect to put in the large holes and then put stringing material through. Ta-da! No flopping! I already had some different thicknesses, and trimmed one up to be the perfect size. Oh my goodness – years of trying seed beads and other things to varying degrees of success, and here is the perfect solution. Thanks, Yvonne! (That link is her jewelry shop. Super fun and colorful things to buy as well as inspiration for how to use the fun items from her My Elements shop, including the tubing as a design material.)