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I am very excited by the art inspiration for Art Journey #5 with Art Bead Scene and artist Joseph Cornell. Cornell was an assemblage artist, and the works are so intriguing. There is so much interest in each piece, but they don’t seem busy. Some could even be described as spare, though they are absolutely overflowing with inspiration.

When I saw Hotel de la Duchesse-Anne, the canceled stamps in the corner made me think of an assemblage pendant I have by Andrew Thornton that has a canceled stamp in the center.

I was looking for something in my Miss Fickle Media stash when I came across a vintage seed bead and tiny seed pearl strand she made with her handmade brass clasp. I loved the idea of it with the pendant. I wanted more heft, so I made a similar 30″ seed bead strand with a couple of larger vintage lucite beads in the same army green as in the pendant. Further up the strand, I put some large seed beads to draw the eye up. I wanted the strands to hang together, so I used two large hole lampwork beads to string them through above the pendant, the bottom by Nikki Thornburg and the top by Helen Chalmers. That bead has red in it, a nod to the bright spheres in two of the inspiration pieces.

I added a third, shorter strand of pearls. In the inspiration piece Untitled (Medici Princess), the princess is wearing a longer necklace with a medallion pendant with a picture of her father and a shorter strand of pearls. I wanted to get that multi-necklace look in my single piece.

When I was taking pictures, I realized I wouldn’t be able to show the dual necklace look because the part with the pendant is 30″ and the pearls are about 18″, but I hope this photo gives you a sense of it. I added a little keyhole charm from Vintaj that looks like an old found object to add to the assemblage feel.