I struggle to use the chunkier beads I love because when they are all together in a necklace, they can be quite heavy. I make a necklace like that, think it is beautiful, but then never wear it because it’s not very comfortable. Enter: faux nut beads. They could even be faux bone. They are large, but weigh almost nothing because they are some sort of plastic. Whoever made them did a great job of making them look and even feel authentic, and kind of rustic, old and natural. I love them because they go so well with my heavier beads, like African glass. 

Here I’ve mixed them with various African glass beads. Some of them are new, so not only do the faux beads make the piece comfortable to wear, but it gives it the old, worn look I love despite the newer beads.

I got the faux beads from Famous Bead Hoard Liquidation Destash. Suzanne Branca, the owner of A Grain of Sand, is selling off her vintage stock at amazing prices. The things she has are just so fun to see, especially if you are a long time beader and like seeing unusual items. It’s even more fun when I can buy some! They go fast when she has one of a kind lots. Her Grain of Sand website is worth visiting too. She has beautiful, high quality gemstones and clasps.