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I did more creating this weekend. Some I’ll show here; others are still in process and/or in preparation for my next resin pour. I’m really loving resin.

First is also an in progress piece. I got this large vintage cuff from Beads to Blooms Destash. The owner also has an etsy store, but I’m always looking for the one off pieces. I used some Vintaj marble patina on the design part. I need to clean it up and relief it back some more. I might also paint some colors on the design and then relief those back. I love the ’70s look it has so far with the size and the bright metal. 

I also made a couple more simple bead-on-chain necklaces. The first uses one of my precious Sarah Moran beads from z-beads. I own exactly one strand of her beads, and this was a little mini-me bead that was included, so I felt ok using it. There is a little ring of tiny green dots, and I used that color chartreuse enamel chain that I got from Yvonne Irvin-Faus for a simple necklace. I love how the pink and blue look with the green. I’m such a fan of unusual color combinations. 

A second simple chain necklace uses a Diane Hawkey word bead. 

It is a somewhat rustic bead, and what could be considered a harsh word, so I liked the idea of putting it on this elegant chain. The textured chain is black without color on the higher parts. That makes the metal sparkle. I finished it with a Miss Fickle Media clasp. I feel like this word is ripe for reclamation. It’s used against women any time someone wants to let us know we aren’t “acceptable” in some way. I sometimes hear women use it to empower themselves, giving themselves permission to be assertive, to have an opinion, to speak up, to not back down. I often say I can be perceived as rude to someone else or I can be rude to myself. I have no desire to be rude to myself. If that makes someone think I am or call me a bitch, I’ll take that as a compliment. So I have this necklace to reclaim that word for myself.

Last, I finally finished something that has been languishing on my bead table since my first resin experiments at the end of last year. I made a wonderful pendant I really loved. However, it was already kind of heavy, and no matter what beads I put with it, it seemed even heavier, both in visual and physical weight. A necklace the fabulous Loralee Kolton showed today on Facebook had a kind of fancy way to knot it on leather cord from a Bead Table Wednesday tutorial by Heather Powers. I realized that would be the perfect way to finish my resin pendant. 

The connection is called the cat’s paw knot, and it’s just a little nicer and fancier than my regular lark’s head knot, so I will be using this again. I really love how this pendant looks on simple leather cord, nothing to distract from the pendant, which has enough going on.

I’ll be showing the other things I was working on in the weeks to come as they are finished. I am happy to be doing more things that are multiple steps. It feels like the next step in creativity to make or alter some of the components I’m using in my jewelry.